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My Best Self-Tanning Products You Can Use at Home!

Lots of you have been asking me about my favourite tanning products I use on myself, so I decided to post some of my best tanning products, after all, we are all at home and have time to practice our tanning skills with a self-tan application.

I will start with @siennaxofficial 1h Self-Tan Tinted Mist. This tan is super popular with my clients, always beautiful results and colour that suits most as it develops the closest to your naturally achieved tan without tanning.

You can keep this tan on from 1-3 h on the skin for results that you desire. 1h light, 2h medium, 3h dark and even 4h for ultra dark. When you reach your desired time you will have a shower to rinse off the colour guide in lukewarm water, this is when your tan will get activated and starts to develop, this can take from 4h to 10h but depends on your body. The results will be amazing and with a minimum of time, you can enjoy your tan.

My second best is the Flawless Self-Tan Liquid by @fakebakeunited This product can be used on normal, dry and oily skin types. The tan develops 4-6 h for beautiful natural golden glow but if you like a deeper colour you can leave on up to 8h. It comes with a tanning mitt for easy application. I use this tan on myself a lot as I love the colour on my skin. To me, it's similar to Golden Tan by Fake Bake which is a professional solution I can use on my clients. So if you like a bit of mahogany colour this is the tan for you to try.

Colour should last 5-7 days or more if you look after your tan properly. So remember always ​pat dry after your shower, keep your skin hydrated by moisturising.

​Use talc or mineral powder in your sports bra and trainers if you work out 

Avoid chlorine which at the moment is not going to be difficult for most of us.

​Exfoliate 5 days after.

For more information about preparation and aftercare check


Love, Peace and Gloden Glows Tx

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