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Self-tanning at home.

1. Exfoliate at least 24h before. This ensures even application. 2. Avoid waxing and shaving. Any hair removal should be carried out 24h prior to tanning. 3. Do not wear deodorant, moisturizer, perfume or makeup.

4. Use a mitt for your self-tan, you will achieve even tan and avoiding over tan palms and hands.

5. Use a dry oil or oil-free moisturizer on your dry areas especially your feet, knees then go to your elbows and then your hands make sure you don't miss your palms, knuckles and cuticles. As these areas tend to soak up a lot of colour by adding a little barrier will help your self-tan looking more natural. Now you ready you can start with self-tan. 6. Apply your product to a mitt and start with your legs, I like starting to self-tan with my legs as when you lean forward you don't mess up your tan on your tummy. Then work up to your neck using gliding strokes. 7. Tanning your back, you can ask a family to help you out or if you have a long brush put your mitt on it. 8. Tan your dry areas last with what's leftover on your mitt, remember to claw your hands when applying to avoid crease lines.

9. Now wipe away excess tan from your palms, fingernails and your toes by using a wet wipe.

10. You can use your hairdryer to help your self-tan to dry faster.

11. Avoid any other beauty/ hair treatment whilst your tan is developing.

12.. Do wear loose dark clothing and flip flops.

13. Keep your skin dry and avoid sweating.

14. Don't apply any products over the tan during the development time.

15. Now your tan has developed rinse off the guide colour with warm water without using any soap.

16. Remember to pat dry this way you will not rub off any colour.

17. Don't use any products with AHA's acid as they will strip your colour prematurely.

18. Don't tan if you are less then 3 months pregnant.

Love, Peace and Golden Glows Tx

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