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Can I swim with spray tan on?

As summer is fast approaching I get asked a lot if ‘’ I can swim with my spray tan on? ‘’ the answer is yes but your tan will fade faster then usual. Chlorine does have lightening properties and strips away skin cells which break down your tan more quickly as DHA doesn’t tan anything below the outermost layer of our skin, To help you spray tan last aways make sure when you are doing your pre-tanning routine that you don’t forget to thoroughly exfoliate the skin. This step is important because If you want to have a long-lasting spray tan. You can use an exfoliation glove if you really want to do a great job. If you going to the beach and thinking of swimming in the ocean, salty water will dry out your skin and cause your tan to fade more quickly as well. It’s important to moisturise your skin more frequently.

If you want your tan to last throughout your holidays I would suggest taking a self-tan with you and reapply when needed.  After you swim remember to pat dry your skin as this will prevent the colour from being rubbed off.

A spray tan is a fast, safe and healthy way to keep your skin looking golden all year round not just for the holidays. It's better than rubbing baby oil into your skin and spending hours in the sun or spending time in the sunbed, avoiding any burning or premature aging. So to stay safe and protect your skin while having a great time enjoying your self.

Love, Peace and Gloden Glows Tx

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