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Let's talk SPF

This is me without any foundation on my face and you can see I suffer with pigmentation problems from Pernicious  Anaemia which  gets worse in the sun. Unfortunately I can’t stop this but I can protect my skin by using SPF specially in summer time. As an accredited Masced  @skcincharity therapist I am advocate for early cancer prevention and melanoma. Remember you can still tan while wearing sunscreen. But using SPF will stop the harmful UV rays from the sun exposure. But also helps prevent premature skin aging caused by the sun, including wrinkles, sagging and age spots.

Having a spray tan is considered the safest way to tan. 

Thinking of spray tanning or using self tan after sunburn it’s never a good idea specially if your skin it’s peeling (make peeling even worse ) the contrast between brown and pale skin will be far more noticeable.

Give your skin time to heal naturally. It peels because your body needs to get rid of the dead tissue before it can generate a new one. 

It’s important  to remember that a spay tan or self tan will not protect your skin from sun damage so before you go and have fun in the sun have a SPF handy and enjoy. 

Love, Peace and Golden Glows Tx

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