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Fake Tan Loves To Be Hydrated!

I am asked a lot when I tan ,, What are the best products to use on my skin while I have my fake tan ?,,

Looking after your skin once you apply fake tan on is easy if you follow simple rules: 1.wash in lukewarm water 2.pat dry after wash 3. moisturise, moisturise and moisturise Fake tan loves being hydrated, this way it will fade evenly and will not leave you with dark dry patches which will happen when your skin is dry. Here a sample of product you can use by @bondisands that you can get in @superdrug

If you are living in a place where its impossible to buy products that are specially designed for self tanning you can always try dry oils, oil free moisturisers or non greasy products like this one by Vaseline Intensive Care that come in a spray. You can pick this product up in many shops and superstores while you doing your shopping.

By moisturising using a non-oil-based moisturiser every day it will keep your skin hydrated and therefore avoid any cracking or flaking. Remember that taking very hot baths or showers will encourage premature tan fading.

Nice and easy!

Love, Peace and Golden Glows Tx

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